October 10, 2015

Tabari Is Pro

One of my favorite skaters is now pro!!! Congrats @tabaricook #sendhelp

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In a glorious moment of surprise, Tabari Cook, handed a box of SendxHelp boards during a product toss at the Familia HQ Open House, today, looked down at the board and his name was on it. He then had to throw them to the crowd but he also got to keep some. Yeah Tabari!


sprntrl said...

Yah Mon! Well deserved

Mighty Roll said...

Congrats Tabari!

Wylie T. said...

I'm proud of you too, Tabari!
Yet don't forget about Neal Shipe, who convinced you to skate to "Soul Kitchen" by The Doors in Boondoggle, a song which distinguished your skating amid all those other American skaters with dreadlocks and nollie-whatevers.
So professionally, I think what you need is another "Soul Kitchen"-like song, and The Rolling Stones's "She's So Cold" may just be the next best option. But you let us know!