July 16, 2014

Parted Piecemeal

It's been a while since there's been as clear a contender for "Best Year Ever" since now-rookie pro Davis Torgerson went nova in the mid-to-late aughts right before Boondoggle; if anyone from either of the Twin Cities seems up to the task, it's Corey Millett.

Life is kind of tough not working at the skateshop, if only in that you seem to more rarely update your skate blog and somehow you don't see the new local vids until they're parted piecemeal onto Youtube. Corey's part is the first bit of NO-COLLAR that I've seen, and while I still lament the loss of the previous name for that project, the first returns look good. Millett does his best trick contest tricks on real obstacles and has the elusive ambidextrous heelflipper thing wired. He's got the Gailea Momolu ender to boot.

A lot has happened since the last post:

The Front Plaza is actually happening.

Davis' part came out. Both he and Corey skate that court gap, different ways though; gnarly both.

Update: I guess, as of about 8:30 a.m. 7/16/14, people are skating at Front:

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Alyn said...

Julian and Sam's parts are mint.