April 9, 2014

Clips on Clips on Clips

Gotta love it when you're a couple days behind that other skate/rap/whatever blog and you're just pretty much re-hashing what they already posted. This happens. I thought Teenager With a VX was a killer name but Mitch Guth is calling it No Collar and premiering it at the times and places listed above. Couple that with Kevin's crowd-sourced 17-years-in-the-making mixtape and you've got yourself a night.

Breaking, for the last time, my self-imposed park foote embargo, there are two three more worth-while additions to the already crowded catalog of ripping that #FamiliaHQ has witnessed. First, further proof that the kids are alright, Guth's winter ender ender with plenty of heavy lifting by dudes no older than 23*, in three movements. Next, Plat favorite and keeper of old product, Nate Compher, with, probably, his wife and baby waiting for him up front. "IF THIS IS YO FIRST TIME SEEING NATE SKATE AND WANT MORE, CHECK OUT HIS OLDER FOOTAGE BELOW." So that's a concern now. We old! Finally, finally, then the embargo is back on forever (until December), there's the clip from that Cons trip that rolled through here in January, which makes Malto's park look fun and makes snow look fun too, but hell no! *Aware that TJ is >23 but he's probably the only dude, right?


sprntrl said...

Tight ass soundtrack on the HQ edit. Good to see the youth knows about madlib.

Anonymous said...

Here's Mitche's premiere promo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq8EnDKURQA