March 31, 2014

Ramp News

New to the Hiawatha, the once angle-ironed vert wall gets pool coped and recycled skateboard tiled.

With winter seemingly coming to an end, things are getting back to normal:

Speaking of winter's hopeful demise, here's one last bit of #HQ foote, inspiration for future rainy days.


sprntrl said...

Damn! That was a sick ass HQ edit. The scene is in good hands….

Wylie Tueting said...

So the edit starts out and I'm thinking, "so I guess these are some guys -- adolescents or somethin' -- from some visiting-team whose demo I didn't hear about, or maybe just some Wisconsin guys . . . yeah, as the-Wisconsin-dudes-are-just-so-sick, creative, energetic, yeah." But then persons appear in the edit that I definitely recognize, and so I figure that they're probably all Twin Cities persons, and I have to realize that the Twin Cities scene just got a fair share more complex. Lesson Learned!