October 21, 2013

Not A Foam Roller Storify

The horserace for Thrasher's Skater of they Year award, recently commented and complained about often on this site, begins now with the Ishod Wair part above. A video part on the Thrasher site seems like the number one requirement for SOTY (post last year, when it seemed like the only requirement) and it was even mentioned in the caption of the clip above.

It's difficult to prognosticate any further with the SOTY business. The only other dude who seems to have been productive enough (and that simply comes to mind) is the semi-controversial Mark Suciu, who, is it even possible, put out too much stuff this year?

Stemming from the recent string of disappointing-to-this-guy-SOTYs, I'm more than tacitly OK with Wair looking like he's the foregone conclusion (he's a got a part in that Nike video, coming soon), because, well, maybe he's a better reflection of the mood of skateboarding at the moment than the previous two guys (sorry for that phrasing, but think about it). Shit, I'm bullish on the kid right now because he put out a part using a time-tested formula (East Coast/Night Footage/90's Hip Hop) that warms curmudgeons' hearts. Did I miss any potential SOTYs?*

Elsewhere, the Dennis Durrant Adidas welcome video contains some tricks that are bonkers and raises the question, why does this dude periodically fall of the radar so hard? Yeah, there are tons of ways to blow a skate career [including being over it (yo, there are two Anthony Pappalardos, FYI)], but could it really boil down to C1RCA or Mystery?

There was a snowboard contest in downtown Minneapolis this past weekend, across the street from the Old Fed.

Watch the city grow over at The Strib.

Accidentally filmed some clips last week.

7 days.

*Update: Yes, totally forgot about Westgate; two video parts and a Thrasher cover are a strong argument, indeed. Of the three dudes mentioned in the post, nobody is super objectionable.


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Unknown said...

Is noone else going to ask about the cryptic countown???

Anonymous said...

Brandon Westgate

Anonymous said...

This yr its gotta be westgate and if not he will be snubbed as busenitz and guy were the past two yrs

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Wylie Tueting said...

Didn't watch it until now -- but that Ishod Wair part was so special: homespun and yet new-school, engaging yet relaxing, natural-looking but still hard-to-believe. It was a lot of great things and more; and I will no less admit that I didn't want to watch it initially -- as I thought it would just be overwhelming. O how wrong was I!

The way Wair's feet particularly move and accomplish his tricks allow me to see that he is truly human and working hard, and that ain't no standard skill nowadays. Dang!

Anonymous said...

All this SOTY talk in the comments and no one mentions Munzy's bangers?

Munz trumps Thrasher