August 14, 2013

Space Jams

Photo of video of a ride-away.

Before I finished typing the sentence that told you to order ATTN DFCT in this post, I harnessed the power of the webs to order myself a copy from here. It showed up today.

The name of this post is "Space Jams" because the entirety of the soundtrack in ATTN DFCT is ethereal-electro-rock/other. Chris Burt's VX footage is consistently washed but not to the extent of white sky; it'd be fair to say that in music and visual tones, this short, 16 minute flick, is en vogue with some of the other things that are coming out of The Southwest, in particular, in this moment of time. According to the credits, Burt was on the edit, and filmed the whole thing.

Jack Olson opens and it's apparent why he's secured shoes for life, or at least for the life of his contract. He does big things, to be sure, but perhaps most best, he spins a 270 nosebluntslide on a ledge in a line, cementing a spot on a trick-team that is still a few too few players to take the field.

With no fade to black (the standard for the entire short), Mike Lemnitzer enters and gets served, then rides up rocks. He goes for the win with a lipslide to 5-0, and does slappies on cutty spots that aren't only smoke and mirros. The dog and he move backwards.

David Nelson is a 'Plat favorite, skates after Lemnitzer, and performs more of what you want to see him do. Electrical box ledge trick is a highlight, as is a bigspin off a curb the wrong way; his section is brief and detail oriented.

Montage. No names. No slouches. Song was a montage song in an 80's film sense of the word.

And it was said: TJ Moran cut his teeth with Burt, wears white shoes, manuals, and rode down the tube. He's always good.

Former blogger, Andrew Leibman, comes through with a travelogue of a part, in which he does one of the most intuitive 5-0 to frontside noseslides since Henry. I look as above as the paragraphs about sections dwindle in word count.

Work the angles on everything about Sam Evensen's opening nollie heelflip and apply all resulting mathematics from there. Zoom back in on the hat-cock-angle. Enhance sector G-5. Perfect. Realizing I actually said nothing there; dude's got power and poise and the backtail is no joke.

Andrew Ellison runs one of the most purposeful dirt-rides ever and does a step-hop tornado out of manual. His ender features the most effective and literal spot destruction since Fully Flared, and to boot, I thought his levitate up to start the clip off was shown in reverse.

Dalton Jones has the best name in Twincities skateboarding; adherents to Roadhouse nod extra hard. Aside from JO, if anyone is going to become an internet sensation out of the line-up in ATTN DFCT, it's probably going to be Dalton. He skates to the song to which I'd most likely get buck at the club, does nbd's that aren't simply overloaded math equations, handles some straight tech that's razor-sharp and gets new at the Basilica of St. Mary (perhaps even closed that one down, or brought it to its logical conclusion). He's got enders-enders.

Then the video ends with a single shot and some credits. As stated, ATTN DFCT is 16 minutes of footage with no black in-between. No filler/art shots last longer than their natural run-times should allow. Based upon this video and North Coast from before, Burt has a voice and a sense of humor with the way he puts video together. I like it. The skating is good and the run-time is spot on. More videos should strive to be as concise and cohesive as ATTN DFCT.



Anonymous said...

Video was rad, thanks for the tip

Andrew Leibman said...

Thanks for the kind words Munz! Henry who?

Anonymous said...

Sanchez. OG EMB ripper

Wylie Tueting said...

So I got to the Cal Surf 25th Anniversary fifteen minutes early -- 8:45 P.M. -- Mike, hoping to speak to you about the ATTN DFCT before it began at 9:00 sharp; but you weren't there, sadly, and the video didn't begin until about 10:17. . . . Mmmmmm!
No less, the video played, and it was well worth the wait; Burt's truly got a sense of humor and fun as well as a carefully rugged editing sensibility -- something almost reminiscent of The Velvet Underground's "Loaded". And we should all be down for it, this sensibility of Burt's.
In terms of effort, freshness, and style, I'm giving best part to Mr. Andrew Leibman. Watch his nosebonk bs 180 on that little stump at the beginning of that one line, and tell me you don't see what I'm sayin'! (And he's wearing a University of Minnesota t-shirt at one point, so evocative of a t-shirt or two seen in Anonymous and other related classics; Cheeay!)

sprntrl said...

Andrew, if you have not yet, please do yourself (and me) a favor and check out 'Tim and Henry's pack of lies' on youtube. Keep in mind when you watch it that this filmed over 20 years ago. You will be hyped.