August 2, 2013

attn dfct

There'd been rumblings and wonderings about when some video that Chris Burt was sitting on was going to come out, and now we have answers. Burt said the thing was slowed down because of real life sityations, you know, like busyness and laziness and nothing for which a dude should really be made to make excuses.

He said it comprises skating from January to January, 2012 to 2013, and has fullish sections (16 minutes is the entire running time) from Andrew Ellison, Mike Lemnitzer, Sam Evensen, Dalton Jones, Jack Olson, Andrew Leibman, Tj Moran and David Nelson, as well as a friends section. Burt said he's already working on another video and he'll have DVD copies available at the premiere, "priced as cheaply as possible."

To spell it out, the premiere is one week from tomorrow on a Saturday. As written here, I'm a fan of what Burt does with camera and computer, so I'm looking forward to attn dfct, which is a hell of an apropos name.

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