April 10, 2013

"The Bank Of The Mighty Bitch Herself"

Blogger did us a solid when it got weird with this file upload. Like a Minnesota spring, sometimes the unexpected is it. Co-credit Blogger upload and Tucker Gerrick with the photo.

I don't remember what I was putting on this blog right around the time Weekend Warriors came out. I know we pushed the eventual video and the premiere and all that was a weird and somewhat surprising seven (7!!!) years ago. Local videos hold a special place in my heart, because the worst and the best of them are all usually more interesting than the ho-hum non-local non-placed offering that all seem to be from southern California anyways, but you get what I'm saying.

The big thing happening in Minnesota is the snow. The snow in April. We curse the place where we mostly choose to live, the hearty among us already accustomed to the sand and the crap that makes STREET SKATING the spring ritual it is, though new snow and a forecast of stasis drives us somewhere, so slowly, at least tomorrow.

Here's the point: Minneapolis is an outlier because it's produced a really ridiculous amount of skateboard videos showcasing the skateboard scene here over the last decade and a half because it just happened that way. See previous posts. People and places and thing(s) made it happen. We are lucky. Turn to St. Louis.

St. Losers is a fine video from Missouri. It moved Kyle Beachy, an e-friend, to be sure, to write a #longreads worthy summation of that local video and beyond, to much more.

The piece defies some simple pull-quotes, while at the same time, summing up the reasons why I keep writing this damn blog and caring more about skateboarding here, and not somewhere else. Take it in, please.

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Unknown said...

last time i saw tucker was RIGHT where this picture is from haha.