March 7, 2013

Selected Skateboard Video Locations

Illustration by Andy Sturdevant borrowed from Minnpost.

Tucker and I spoke to Andy Sturdevant about Twincities skateboard videos for his "The Stroll" column, and the results are here. It's a good read and an interesting perspective from a city-enthusiast; I wish I'd known that he was going to write specifically about the Sharon Sayles Belton years, because one time, post-9/11, she sent the chief of Minnepolis police to see what we were doing when we lit up a spot beneath the Hennepin Bridge.

In order to help out Sturdevant, Tucker compiled an almost exhaustive list of Twincity skateboard videos. Going back to the question of, "How did Minneapolis end up having one of the most productive skate scenes in America?," I present that list, mostly unedited:

Apocalypse 1997
The Fobia Movie 1995/96
Midopoly 1999
Anonymous 2000
Weekend Warriors 2006
Hatebreeders 1999
Joy and Pain 2002
All In 2005
Filler 2010
Filler 2D 2012
Feature Film 1995
Feeling Minnesota 2008
The Familia Video 2008/09
Flow Trash 2010
Homegrown 2012
Midwestopoloy 2001?
The "PHP" series of videos--gonna have to call Stillwater on that
Roots 1998 Promo
Debris 2012
Shitheads Vol. 8 2001
Poached 1995
Midwest Marauders 2007
Outbreak 2010
The Roll series of videos 2001-???

That doesn't even include Who What!?!, Boondoggle or North Coast and Open Iris,* among probably plenty of others. It doesn't bring us closer to any real answer to the question above, but it sure supports the premise.

Add to the list Street Loafers 2D, which I recently viewed. It's another solid one; it's got downtown-nighttime-vibes that play well into the map at the top and if I had one bit of constructive criticism, it'd be to check the sound levels and mixing. Standout parts include Trevor Carlson, Zack** Goulet, Ryan Yost and Dan Rusin. It's purchasable at the usual shops or at the link just above.

I want that illustration on a T.

*Missed in the post the first time, but astutely pointed out by a commenter.

**Because Zack>Zach.


Anonymous said...

Open Iris

Anonymous said...

Swimmer's Ear Magazine did 6 videos starting in 1999-2006? that you may have caught on the cable access channels. They featured a young Jamiel and Mike Guy, and a bunch of other guys from the area.

SPRNTRL said...

DL and Purple circa 95-96

aplusen said...

I like Andy's take on things in this article. And speaking as one of the old guys, it's amazing to think we've been skating spots like the garage and gov for 25yrs!

SPRNTRL said...

wtf is midwestopoly?

zack said...


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