March 5, 2013

In Or Around '97

Short of a new clip from Oyola, I'm not sure how The Philadelphia Experiment could be much better. The ollie over the camera-to-Hi8 land was really satisfying. It gets SOTY discussions going involving Ishod Wair and Mark Suciu. If you're even remotely interested in Belle & Sebastian, the above is one of the best things out right now. It saddens me slightly that B&S is beginning to look like their middle age (though Stuart Murdoch remains), but it makes clear how young they were making their first two albums and just how long ago that was, in a good way. The documentary reminds my why Andy Murray is so rad. Isobel Campbell is a babe.


Anonymous said...

Always fun to hear Oyola's friendly line of questioning as to what that odd woman is doing with the garbage can. Would put that in top 3 most memorable quotes in skate video history right next to "I don't know...unless my dog ate him" from the Koston 411 Pro File (which also includes about 10 other tremendous quotes).

-Dan Jackson

wheelbite said...

man that philly vid was great. no fdr thouhg?

Wylie Tueting said...

Granted I'm stating the evident -- but "The Philadelphia Experiment" is EXACTLY the kind of skating that we seek to watch. I don't have that much time to watch skate videos, nor the time to search for them, but to come upon something like that is truly pleasurable. I knew very little about Philadelphia skating prior to that -- besides the whole Love Park deal.