February 14, 2013

Volcom Shoe Line To Come This Summer

Interesting. From a Forbes piece on the matter:
"'Once we were acquired by PPR, things really took off,' said Ryan Immegart, senior vice president of marketing for Volcom. 'Their brands make footwear and are very well rounded. We started drafting some concepts and getting really excited. They are very imaginative, caring and passionate people, and they really understand the business.'

Volcom, based in Costa Mesa, Calif., has made sandals and open-toe footwear for five years, but this is the first launch of a complete shoe collection for both men and women. To start, there will be 10 styles for men and 9 for women, including Volcom’s take on everything from slip-ons to ballet flats to wedges to rock-inspired rugged boots. Shipping to retailers will start July 1."

Will there be a skate-specific line?
"'[A]lthough some of the styles are totally functional to skateboard in, we are positioning the category from more of a lifestyle point of view. Leverage from our deep roots in music and art cultures will be a focus for us out of the gates. We hope anyone who understands the brand and the lifestyle will like our shoes.'"

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