December 20, 2012

Almost Done

Now is normally the time in which we take stock of the past year and all it held; in fact, if patterns had stayed true, I would have posted the annual Platty's either yesterday or the day before (December 18 or 19) and would have been able to hang it up as a skate blogger into the hangovers of early January. This is not the case this year, what with the dual premiere on Friday timing out my usual award giving and my every-other-year retreat to the desert in order to celebrate my birthday and play tennis; I leave Friday afternoon. Instead of a general black-out of posts until the award season begins/ends with a barrage of blogging and beers, at least on my part, some bullet points until the Platty's go live, sometime in the future:

-Late to the show but on time enough to yell in your ear, the Thrasher/Enjoi Tweak The Beef vid is probably the direction of where all our consumed promotional videos are going short of shelling out up to $13 for a video on iTunes (Pretty Sweet set the bar at the unlucky 13). Heads are scratched regarding in which decade Caswell Berry exists, Ben Raemers is Dom Randazzo-Lite and Lou Barletta does what should be considered the only street frontside invert ever (Twitter had no answers).

-The runner up for "Video of the Year" (the "early" year timing of the Cinematographer Project was unfortunate), DGK's Parental Advisory, is a panoply of bizarre tween wish fulfillment, jeans evolution unseen since Wenning in the DC Video and damn good skateboarding. Why couldn't Wenning ride for them again? While the skating is all left-on tags and tech and really good, the well-produced skits and interludes are what make the video memorable. They're reminiscent of the talk in-between the tracks of any decent late 90's hip hop record; absurd, fabulist, a fantasy of anyone who is ready to buy in. Parental Advisroy surpasses all of that last sentence in its incoherence; it gets all Inception with a weird incontinuity, at times Dada (just because). I think I loved it.

-Instagram isn't screwing you over and I'm tired of hearing you whine otherwise. Any service that you give information (photos, words, status updates, etc.) is going to try somehow to monetize your contribution, which means they're going to mine it, sell it, or otherwise farm it out to make money. Stop thinking your picture of pho was worth anything in the first place and just chill; it matters the least to your friends, the first to consume.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if that baby scumbag kid really smoked in the intro

Anonymous said...

He has Andy Milonakis disease. He's 27 and has a medical marijuana card; don't worry.

Anonymous said...

whew, thank you, i was worried about his salvation

Sam McGuire said...

To quote on of the greatest users of the english language "Now, normally I don't do this but...i'm not trying to be rude,"

But Munz, I'm going to publicly disagree with your Instagram comment and say I'm a bit disappointed TBCH. While I know what your saying that most photos of Instagram aren't even worth the fractions of KB's they are taking up on a city sized server, they still have some worth, a lot actually.

I think a lot of people forget is there are something like 2 million people on Insta, maybe more. So while there are a ton of cat, fart, shadow and shotgunning shitty beer photos, there are also a lot of very marketable and usable photos. So much that Facebook thought your latest photo of a Cherry with a Spoon on it (which ruled) and all the other "shitty" photos of Pho, cats, Meme's and etc was worth 1 billion dollars.

Time has used 2 photos already on their cover through Instagram, that were commissioned that, maybe or maybe not (my guess is ultimately that's where they wanna go) with the new terms Time could have paid Insta to search a database of #hurricanesandy photos and pulled one. Obviously the internet is changing this all hella fast but, to me and a lot of people, the idea of this sucks. And I like it when people get mad and say things that suck suck.

For sure the cunty responses get annoying but, again, these sites wouldn't sell for 1 billion dollars without everyone posting them.

platinumseagulls said...

Hey Sam,

When posting I was railing against the sanctimonious response most people had, which you so adroitly summed up as "cunty." It's probably not a skateboard blogger's place to deem peoples' concerns as unimportant, but I remain.

I understand too that the biggest concern here is a sort of legal plagiarism, with a pair of monoliths dicking over an individual.

But, with a free service, that has been advert-free since inception, the outcry seems a bit callow. Opt in or opt out; make no show. I'll circle back and say that all the apps and 'books we enjoy are free if we don't count the information we readily give. I'm all for calling out suck for what it is, but I don't agree with the logic.

Anonymous said...

did you guys go to college? you are smart!


todd brown said...

I think the Platty's should be a live award show. I bet can talk Steig into hosting. We have a superman/Clark Kent relationship. Maybe Nasty cut play a "Fisticuffs" reunion show. -Todd Brown

Sam McGuire said...

Haha, oh Bshow, don't worry I had to google half the words in his response to see what they meant. Me no talk gooder like him.

But, yeah, I know what your saying. I don't think people are arguing they shouldn't make money, I think they are arguing how they plan to make money and the attempt was bad. They could charge for filters, higher priority in postings, all stuff people might think would be corny but yeah, I mean, charge .99 cents for the app peeps would buy it.

Don't use my shit, I can't think straight with your response your college lingo's got dis ninja twisted.

Savor the Flavor said...

Well let's give some credit to the dish pho-to could ever really do a good pho justice.

sprntrl said...

The lotus is the only place worthy of your money in regards to pho