November 8, 2012

The Lag

Wiskate with it again and again. Looked like fun.

Tim Fulton and Chuck Odima were robbed of their cameras while skating in North Minneapolis. Fulton spent some time in the hospital, though everyone is ok now; be careful out there people.

Meet The Stans is an amazing video about skateboarding in central Asia. It's really, really well done with craze spots and good dudes, just be sure to hammer out a solid half hour to take it all in. Check out the other videos by Patrick Wallner too, who made the video linked above, they're good well worth it.

Busenitz can really cobble together proper skating at will and it's incredible what Brick Harbor, an out of nowhere (sort of) online shop has been able to do with content (hat tip to Quartersnacks for pointing that out a bit ago; it's worth repeating now). Busenitz' turn around at 3rd and Army is reminiscent of Oyola's two and a half minute, three clip 411 Profile, as well as Henry going around the can at EMB (hat tip to Frozen in Carbonite for the bit about Sanchez).

As I type this the Twolves are third in the Western Conference and atop the Northwest Division. Bask in it while it lasts.


Anonymous said...

Where is that pa to at 00:42?

Tom said...

Good music Wiskate! Lee Dorsey is sick I like dem jams