November 2, 2012

Another PSA

Whoa! Kirian Stone abandons tweeting rap lyrics and inspirational bits to weigh in on the politics of the moment; we must be mere days away from the election. Political speech is cool and all but actually acting and voting your convictions is even cooler, so at the bottom of the page is the The Platinumseagulls Guide to going voting in Minnesota.

I was pretty sure the Thrasher/David Gonzalez video part meant that little David had the SOTY (and 2012's Brutality Award) all locked up, but then they switched it on us (in every possible way, comparatively) with the Austyn Unlimited part that wreaked havoc on the Thrasher site's load speed all day yesterday. Where does that leave this whole thing (leaving that dude Figgy's video part and cover out of the conversation, because he's on the same side of the coin as DG)?

Better off than last year. Since the SOTY seems to hinge on Thrasher approved coverage more than ever, at least they're putting out two viable candidates that represent two different approaches to skateboarding [sort of heavy handed election allusion without really trying!(is 2011's Dennis Busenitz 2000's Al Gore???)]. My heart's with Gillette and my head is almost there too; I dig the switch ollie out of the curb-cut and the switch powerslide that follows.

Chromeball has a Jerry Fowler interview up. He's a longtime fav, and I also give him props for copping to youthful arrogance and other transgressions. As Jeremy Wray (!!!) says in the comments of the post, "His story is a tough one because he was and I'm sure still is very talented [on] a skateboard. If only that were enough."

I'm psyched on this State of the Species article. Oh, avoidable oblivion!




The Platinumseagulls Guide to voting in Minnesota
(For the first-timer or unregistered, mostly)

-In order to vote you need to know where to go to find your voting precinct (registered voters should get a card in the mail telling them where to go, but if you're anything like me, that card is long-lost, so you have to look it up anyways. Precincts may also change location from polling year to polling year.) The Secretary of State website has an easy-to-use precinct lookup right here that'll get you where you need to go.

-For those of you still reading about how to vote on a skateboarding blog, chances are you are not registered. Fear not, even though the deadline to pre-register is 20 days prior to the polling date. Minnesota has a pretty useful election day registration system which you can read about right here. Bring the appropriate documents to the right place this Tuesday, November 6, and cast your ballot.

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Wylie Tueting said...

The David Gonzalez constituted a mega brutality alert, though he did skate some stuff that I would sooner expect a snowboarder to skate, so he's got that whole fact going for him. And Austyn Gillette's part was a masterpiece, simply, and has now been added to the current canon of masterpieces, among which can be found Dylan Reider's Gravis part also.