November 30, 2012

MJ, Thrilling

There's been much discussion since Pretty Sweet went "live" on Tuesday, and much of it has centered around Marc Johnson's part. There's the fun correlation between his song and the last time a video part of his came out, the fact that significant others are digging it and the unreported-collective-gasp that happened at the premiere when he kickflip 5-0ed a bench on flat. Yup, the dude rips.

Heading into the weekend, a bit of a reminder that the DNA for all that he does was pretty well there way back in '96, when he had plenty of hair, rode for Maple but still understood the benefit of stripping down and wearing some shaving cream. It's above. Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Favorite trick of video after about 20 viewings is MJ's backside flip over the benches in his first line.

-Dan Jackson

Nathan Cameron said...

My personal favorite MJ trick was the backlip shuv out in that drainage ditch, that being said, I have several other favorites that I don't know what to call.