November 29, 2012

Triumvirate Reborn

Davis Torgerson, kickflip, photo by Sam McGuire.

Tell your friends: Founding member of The Plat, Sam McGuire, has a new website up and running. Go check it out for hundreds of more photos like the one of Davis, above.

Speaking of young Torgerson, you can vote him into the semi-finals of Tampa Am at the link, just be sure to include your email address, read the instructions, etc.

Perhaps you've heard of the former Minnesota Gophers football player, A.J. Barker, and how he quit the team in a news-making way via a 4,000-plus-word Tumblr post. One has to wonder when the first truly social media mitigated blow-up is going to happen in the historically insular and passive aggressive world of skateboarding. I suppose this already exists on the periphery in the strange Youtube worlds of some Wennings and Rogers, but the mainstream-only-semi-embarrassing back and forth, vis-a-vis Barker, can't be that far off. I imagine some self-righteous Flip or Zero am telling off a task-mastering Rowley or Thomas, if we were to be so lucky. For what it's worth, I only invoke the idea of luck in our enjoyment of a similar public car crash; I found Barker's letter to be attention-seeking, self-indulgent and masturbatory after the first 200 words. For greater insight into the depths of A.J. Barker, check out his second post to his Tumblr.

On a more serious note, today would have been Chris Thatcher's 33rd birthday. I miss that guy.

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