June 26, 2012

The Feeling of Progress

A. Hart and Fink, along with others, made a video about skating some shoes I only heard about (incessantly) on Twitter. Lost on the sneaker heads was A. Hart's ripping.

In case you missed it: CJ's Bangin' at The Berrics. As said before, they should allow their videos to be imbedded.

Also from The Berrics: A super well done Quicksilver ad featuring Austyn Gillette that transcends advertising.

A little while ago, BTO started talking about the future, which seems like a pretty decent tie-in to the previously posted Reynolds puzzle piece. Jason Adam's rude awakening isn't the first and won't be the last. Does Nike offer 401ks?

The Viking and Chunks do St. Louis.

How about the NBA Finals, or something? Oh, I barely watched thee. Why does it seem so weird that the Wolves don't have a lottery pick? Is that the feeling of progress?


Wylie Tueting said...

Gillette is a true athlete of a skateboarder. Oh, he's got the tricks, but maybe more importantly, he's got the stamina. You are not going to see Braydon Szafranski push that way, for example.

sprntrl said...

If Gillette is the true athlete then CJ would be the true chess player. Both amazing in their own right

dick said...

lmfa o. guess those shoes make you skate really slow and hit dinky-ass ledges.