June 19, 2012

City States

The video grab above illustrates why the so-called "stanky leg" 360 flip is a blight upon humanity.

Late to the party, again. Quartersnacks remixed Busenitz from Since Day One and other sources, proving what isn't a dead horse again: dude should have been SOTY last year, again. I feel like a Birther or a Truther when I bring this whole thing up ad nauseam, but Busenitz is on a level which, plainly, everyone else isn't.

I spent the weekend in Chicago both skating and enjoying the big, old city. For those needing a refresher, it's Minneapolis times 50. It beats Manhattan in population, if not density (Manhattan wins by a factor of seven), but totally and intuitively beats it in "Midwesterness". Still, it put into broad relief what I tried to discuss in this "essay" from half a month ago. It's going to be difficult to explain to myself why home feels so small, if not for a little bit.

Edit: Small ain't a bad thing though. The most recent Day of Familia video reminds us and me why we keep plugging along here. Thanks guys.

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more Busenitz evidence. defiantly should have got the soty.