April 9, 2012

Parks and Recreation

There's a demo this Saturday, along with a party and the details a commenter asked for in the previous post. When speaking of parks and rec, it should also be noted that 3rd Lair has some new rates and hours for spring/summer.

I'd known it for a while but now I'm typing it out loud: I'm done with the Timberwolves until this fall. It's nothing personal guys, there've been injuries to key dudes and it was a lot of fun while it lasted. I know I'm not too familiar with a season that starts out with some type of roar and goes out with a wimper (because of large stretches of time with no roars at all), but I'm still a little disappointed. Sports, oh well. See ya next season. Go Jazz?


Sam said...

do you mean go bulls?

platinumseagulls said...

I say "Go Jazz?" hoping they make the Playoffs so the Wolves get a lotto pick. Otherwise, go Bulls and some weird part of me says go Spurs (non-weird part like OKC too).