April 10, 2012

Sky Nett'in

The above got me looking for Terminator 2 clips. This alternate ending would have been so lame, if only for the fact that skateboard designs totally regress by the 2020's.

Though I'm neither big on baseball nor poetry (as a failed, half-assed-could-never-take-himself-serious poet, though a decent defensive 9-year-old second baseman who was good for a base hit), this poem about opening day had me a bit tingly when they read it aloud on this week's Hang Up and Listen. Call me a sucker for the Americana of it all and the phrase, "the citrus of halter tops," because, goddamnit, that's spot on.

It's strange people are suddenly interested in who owns their favorite little media companies. Here's looking at you kid, @ me if the sky begins to fall, maybe take a picture of it.

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