March 7, 2012

Spring Braking

If weekly edits of what goes on at 3rd Lair on a Tuesday become a consistent thing, we'll all have a little bit more entertainment on our hands. How about Cody Banks? Is Judd wearing Nike again? Anyways.

McGuire's Kickstarter Tour: Route 1086, or whatever the proper name for it is, as of yesterday, is fully funded. On behalf of him and all the broke or non-broke dudes that will participate in it, I'll say "thanks," even though I'm just hoping to skate with them and hit the bar while they're in town. Expect a demo in town with some big names coming soon.

Random come-up of the month (so far), Duffy and Welsh playing country music at SXSW. I still haven't had time to read the interview past that.

Please excuse the lack of posting, I've been knee deep in 18 credits. If only I had an intern that could also update this site. Who knows? Next week is spring break. The weather looks fine, too. I know that dudes have been skating downtown (for sometime now, but what with 55 or so yesterday, it's more accessible) and AC has even been tweeting skate conditions. Still, nothing will beat a summer's night with the asphalt still radiating heat. With that in mind, read Kyle Beachy's "The Deep Seams", ruminations on the fallacy of skateparks, Midwestern June nights and David Foster Wallace. I know I jock the guy, but sometimes a dude's got to jock.

Edit: The Kyle Beachy link is fixed, a lot of days late. It's well worth the read if you already haven't stumbled upon it already. Tell me if I fuck up a link!


Anonymous said...

Weekly 3rd edits are only cool if they work on mobile devices..

Anonymous said...

Worked on mobile for me. Usually the only reason it doesn't work on mobile is because of the music rights.

Anonymous said...


Whodacious said...

It's just time for you to step up your mobile game

Anonymous said...

@whoDacious I done did stepped up my mobile game.. iPhone 4 s SON!! With it being 2012 and all there shouldent be a problem with my tryna browse and watch vids on the plat... I would understand if it was a few years ago but dang, get with the times!!