October 14, 2011

Occupying Minneapolis

The guy who exuded the vibe of an unemployed graphic designer butted in just after Judd said he'd wanted to join the drum circle at the Government Center.

"Don't you guys want to go to college...?" is all he got out, before Steve and or Rob told him to shut up or go away or mind his own business. The crowd he was talking to consisted of at least two college students, a pro skateboarder, a sales rep for a multinational corporation, a realtor, a skateshop manager, a cook at a legit restaurant and driver. He'd seemed to have ignored the fact that they were trying to drink beers and do some skateboarding. Nothing more, nothing less. Butt out.

We'd been shutdown on the Nicollet Mall by a dude on a Segway, one of those city keepers, ambassadors or whatever they're called. He did a so-called trackstand on the corner while Tim packed up the camera. The guy who tried to sell us weed was across the street trying to sell weed to the people at the bus stop. He was wearing Rick Ross shades at night; how the game shines.

We skated a non-spot, and a State Trooper told us to (Charlie Brown adult voice when you read this) "strpay ourat ore drret streexcht." He may have been talking to the woman in flared jeans who was skating down the bike lane on a normal set-up. She didn't join us for beers.

At the Government Banks a dude walked up with a sign and asked if, I think, we knew where the guys with the puppets had gone. We were not affirmative. I left and started typing on my computer, once home.

There was a strange sensation downtown tonight, felt by people who'd been frequenting these parts of the city that are otherwise dead after 7:00 p.m. for years. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with "Occupy Minneapolis" or if it was an autumn Thursday night and things were just destined to be weird on their own. I'm neither a backer nor detractor of that "Occupy Somewhere" effort. I still don't know exactly what they're trying to do and I've done not that much to understand. Guilty. Maybe our democracy is broken. Let's fix it, somehow.

In the meantime, may the broke and the 99 percenter's and the La Roucher's and all those others occupy Minneapolis all they want. Just don't step on the toes of those who've been there the whole time.


Henkler said...

Bummed I skipped! Could've had some laughs!

Charley said...

Well if you take a moment to look throughout history where as occupying the spaces of the truly powerful "professional skateboarder, and small business managers" alike, it has had a broader effectivity than any subculture, such as skateboarding or drinking beer has ever had in the history or humanity.

I share this perspective only because I expect more from skateboarding culture, which I have never seen approach anyone with any ignorancy or prejudice. Especially towards someone standing up for the underdog, arrogantly ranting or not; if it wasn't for the underdog, skateboarding would be full of Ryan Shecklers and Tony Hawks; not icons of real relevance like Gino Iannucci or Jay Adams.

I hope I'm not "stepping on any toes."

- Charley Markson (dedicated plat reader since 3rd lair on Lake St.)

Charley said...

Sorry, drinking too much. making an ass of myself.

sprntrl said...

4 posts in one week? By my count that buys you 1 month of homepage status regardless of the amount of updates.

A.C. Slayer said...

Yea, that was an interesting night for sure..

sprntrl said...

Sick. I finally have narrowed down the identity of one AC Slayer.