August 10, 2011

Almost Weekly Updates!

Art show at the shop this Saturday. Come out and talk about skateboarding and drink beer and look at art.

I think it would be pretty interesting if I took one of these "Young Heck" shirts for an extended test drive. Also: The Culvert.

The Jackal has been working with the city of Plymouth so they don't blow it on their forthcoming skate plaza (photo via Lurkers Digest, not sure how much the design has morphed since April). Word is the city wants the plaza completed by mid-October, and the same people who built the St. Cloud plaza are slated to build this one. Jackal has made sure ledge heights have been toned down, and is trying to make sure that no space is wasted. We'll also see if he gets a square bowl out of the deal. Fingers crossed.

Ayo property tax refund? Where are you? Same goes for my intern...


Anonymous said...

Lame to refer to oneself in 3rd person, doubly lame to refer to oneself in 3rd person using a nickname. That being said, some of Mike's news needs some modification. One of the later lines should read: Jackal has DONE HIS BEST to ensure ledge heights are toned down. In other words, I did what I could and will continue to do so in an effort to steer it towards a park with something for everyone. Hoping park will end up with: very tall ledges, very small ledges, very medium ledges, big stairs, small stairs, steep banks, mellow banks, weird stuff, basic stuff, room to skate slow and do flatground, room to get broke off on big shit. We'll see what happens, but worst-case scenario at this point it looks like it should easily be best park this side of St. Cloud!

-Dan Jackson

Mighty Roll said...

fuck to the yeah