July 28, 2011

Where Do We Go Now?

"I almost wish that I didn't become someone in skating."

Yikes man. There's something haunting-ish about that sentiment as I flip between the Twins and the X-Games (X-Games mostly making it haunty). Josh Stewart hit the nail on the head; Oyola was born 10 years too early.

Speaking of the X-Games, Animal Chin gets the Slate treatment. I'm not really buying into the conclusions made by the story. The claim that "Chin" represents some sort of straight line to ESPN glory doesn't take into account the nine year gap between the two and the cratering of the skateboard industry in between. Also, the claim that skateboard videos (the author strictly refers to "Chin" as a film) came into their own because of Stacy Peralta's innovation of including a narrative arc doesn't really stand up to reality, barring, of course, The Chocolate Tour. An all in all decent write up though, if taken for what it is.

Mike, we need to board..! That message wasn't directed at this Mike.

Attack of the Blob is this Sunday at the Red Stag Blockparty. You know where that is, right?

Please excuse the lack of updates. We'll try harder.


sprntrl said...

Know your history kids..... Ricky Oyola is one of the best to ever do it. Almost made me tear up watching this series. Dude deserved much more than he got. Goes to show, skateboarding doesn't owe anyone anything. But it would have been nice to see Ricky get the props he deserved. Dude made the rest of the skate industry understand that there is good skateboarding beyond what's being done in Cali. Truth be told, he inspired a lot of us to put Minneapolis on the map. So remember that real skateboarding is still alive today, and SUPPORT TRAFFIC!!!!

A.C. Slayer said...

fist pumpin fetus.