June 9, 2011

The Day After Tomorrow

Still backing Backslash hard. It's pretty ingenious. The Westgate commentary is prerfectly on point.

Cute Overload!, aka Davis at The Berrics.

Boil the Ocean shows guarded optimism about skateboarding's ability to accept weirdos and outsiders, while highlighting one of the raddest stories of recent memeory.

If you haven't gotten on the FB yet to "like" the video posted below, please get your act together and do it.

I made fun of the fools that were wearing beanies when it was 105 out, now I'm so cold in my apartment that I'm wearing a beanie. The joke's on me.


Joe Clarke said...

I think that Casey's should be on that list. Regardless of the fact that it is now closed and being re-opened as a piece of shit compared to what Casey's was. Although no need to change the poll considering I may be the only one to vote for Casey's.

pete said...

I was thinkin Palmer's.