June 15, 2011

Anthony Schultz is Pro at Skateboardin'

I've got to admit, I've never really thought much about Anthony Schultz. Maybe It's because I didn't care, maybe it's 'cause I never met the guy, or maybe I was just sleeping. Whatever the case, his pro-debut part for Slave pysched me out. I mean fuck, over a full size fence? I've seen that handrail in a thousand-million-bazillion videos with every stupid figgy-feeble and I'd never even considered the possibility (un-possibility?) of going up and over. Rad.

Introducing the #BluntBrothers.



Andrewpaulsen said...

that part was ILL!!!

wheelbite said...

i think it's funny that slave uses the stock footage and filters and whatnot to fuck up the nice pretty HD colors.

Wylie Tueting said...

Anthony Schultz, in my book at least, has just been added to the genre of Wes Kremer, Austyn Gillette, Clint Peterson, etc.; that part was sick and so refreshing! I am glad he is done with his scraggly-hair, I-can't-find-good-ways-to-express-myself phase; Alex Olson once went through such a similar phase also.