March 21, 2011


In case you were wondering, I'm still really glad that I gave up on a career of skateboarding for a living about a decade ago. My decision has been reaffirmed multiple times over the years, and the clip above [skating starts around 0:57 (via Devolve)] cements it even more. Just look how high the bar is set for the footage you produce fuckin' around in a warehouse. Fulton's edit isn't helping either; same goes for this Lakai park edit.

Having watched the three clips above, this Dylan Rieder clip of him cruising through his park is rather paltry in comparison (clip via Quartersnacks). The bar is high, especially for those A-list dudes. Have fun with that.

A March 21 relaunch date isn't happening for Hardflip, as you can see. I'm keeping the faith though.

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