February 4, 2011


Photo by Nate Reiman

Maybe the best photo from a long weekend of skate-related goodness in the Twincities. Skatepark legs be damned; let's get this snow out of here.

Luis Tolentino going up. I think it may get even more bonkers.

This is notable.

Post some new poll ideas in the comments.

Happy weekend.


GG said...

Poll idea - Best style restaurant for Fobia's old downtown space.

1. Italian
2. Chinese
3. Other


jason byrne said...

all syles woud make the dopest place to eat ,get creative yall :)

sprntrl said...

If you could resurrect one old local skate spot what would it be
1) The Fed
2) The Dome
3) 5th Street Towers
4) Hyatt bank / Loring park
5) Pilsburry

Unknown said...

hyatt, too many unique options