February 15, 2011

Sweet Sorrow and the Morning After Pill, Redux

You may not know it, but Alex Conn is a Bay Area transplant from the western suburbs, who I remember mostly as a little kid with braces in a helmet. Pretty ripping nowadays though, and he's kind of got a Jaimes meets Sherman thing going on, through trick selection and looks. Probably in that order.

Video assist from Andrew Leibman, who just jumped into the blogging game with his Lurker's Digest.

Quartersnacks has a rad round up of Big L and skateboarding, which only makes me wish our thawing city would thaw faster. Springtime is all about hip hop.

Taking a total left turn, since it's budget season, if you were wondering, here's a great explanation about how the nation's finances work, in real-ish numbers.

Returning to normal programming, in case you haven't been paying attention, McGuire gets his eyebrow pierced. Heard that shit got really infected. Related, Mikey Taylor wouldn't get a perm.

Malto has a TF. Speaking of TFs, Frozen in Carbonite offers a pocket guide.

I was psyched on the Jeremy Murray Mag Minute because dude is on his own thing. However, I was a little put off by the edited/remixed version of "Sucka Nigga." Kind of de-fanged the song, didn't we? It's damn near 20 years old, I think we'd be OK with the real thing. Words have power and history, and sometimes, that's why they're important. Excuse the tangent.

Did you hear that jerboi Tucker Gerrick is moving to California? Postmortem, send-off, roast, soon to be written. A past send-off here.

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Danze said...

I edited Jeremy's mag minute (though not the song). But it had to be edited because of TSM's own discretion in keeping their online content PG. It indeed "defanged" the song, very well put.