February 5, 2010

Sweet Sorrow and the Morning After Pill

I put up some random photo just so I could be done with this.

Rumor has it that Summit Boardshop is taking up the mantle of Al John's and is evidently trying to open a store in the newly renovated Calhoun Square. Sources say a lease may have already been signed. This makes one wonder whether Uptown can support three stores selling skateboards, um, again, as it did in the late 90's. On that front, one time retailer of skateboards and extremely large pants, Lava Lounge, has gone out of business. Will Styles was unavailable for comment.

As of this writing, there are some unconfirmed rumors afoot; jumps from sinking ships, sound-checks, etc. will be forthcoming.

The Jackal came through with a Dennis in California sighting. Dan would like to point out, "the Fallen shirt and flannel with an In & Out stain on it."

A late congratulations to former-Fobia rider Willie Swanson upon his engagement; the dude switch nosegrinded the Ham Plaza ledge in Hatebreeders and now he engineers retractable roofs on stadiums. Respect.

Finally, and we all should have seen it coming, jergirl and Plat Pal from day one, Extreme Ash is moving to Austin, Texas, over the weekend. Its no surprise that she finally figured out that Minneapolis was just way too small to contain that bubbly, outsize personality, and now she's moving from the Land of 10,000 Lakes to the Land of 10,000 people who are in a band AND they DJ too.

Ash, a one time Zumiez employee and potential member of the College Republican National Committee, broke from her old ways by quickly rising through the ranks at the Maplewood Fobia, eventually becoming manager, and when she started dating liberal bomb-thrower, um, me. She became a staple at all local video premieres, and gained a cult following for her t-shirt modeling in the IOTA catalog. Quitting the skateboard retail industry to focus on other aspects of the retail industry and her college schooling, Ash bounced around the Twincities. Eventually she settled in Northeast Minneapolis, took up blogging, and as I will make clear a second time, she decided to break up with her no-longer bomb throwing boyfriend. From there, she took up a space in the moral gray area, taking a job with Big Tobacco, and evidently she was in a band for a second; I never got the band thing. Her job with the BT ended up leading her to meeting her current boyfriend, a young man from Austin, Texas, and while his political persuasion is unknown at this time, sources report he's the real deal. As of October, Extreme found yet another new job, this time though, it was just following her heart.

False sentiment and tongue in cheekiness aside, good luck kid. Don't get pregnant and have to move back in with your parents.

Happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

we call band jock / djs slashies here. one plus the other equals the worst

Anonymous said...


Cody Girl said...

<3 Bye bye Ashley ! Good luck! Nice post babe

Chips X said...

Most people are DJs.

Jonathan Richman said...

liberal bomb thrower