February 8, 2010

Style Cramp

Head Skate Nerd In Charge, Aaron Meza, has an interview at 48Blocks.

John Lindsay lives over at the Familia blog.

Scroll down a little bit and behold Dennis' latest move in crushing the coverage meter. Burnett knows thy name. Perhaps stranger than D wearing Fallens, because at least there's a logical explanation for that, is this photo of Wilkins with Bill Walton. One dude is tall, the other is taller.

Plat Pal and now essayist, Pat Cook explains how to puke in a van full of people. That's kind of an enviable crew to be sure.

Pfanner Pfriday on a Monday; Philmer Phil was unavailable for comment.

The Flowtrash blog linked earlier is actually updated. Can they fill the void left by the premature departure of Cherryonaspoon.com? They should, since its the same dudes doing it. See you on the sledding hill.

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