January 17, 2011

Booster Club

Westgate. I heard his new shoe only comes in size 7 or smaller. Quartersnacks gives him the probably not premature "kickflip of the year," even for a video released on 1/15 (along with a proper comparison to Kalis' Lynx wearing gem). Unless Reynolds decides to bring it, or 1995's Tom Penny appears (using Dyrdek's time machine, or something), that's a safe bet.

Bratrud continues to push the limits on a single man's blogging ability, this time with The High 5's mini-blog the Digital Dump.

Get down with Already Been Done, aka ABD. I haven't noodled around with it very much yet, but things are looking good, and it's headed by such notables as 411VM honcho Josh Friedberg and fellow TSMer Rob Brink. Check back and often.

Your favorite Wiskaters and Gorfers are profiled here on a Milwaukee city livin' site. Memorize Pizzy's quote and recite it back to him next time you see him.

I claimed that by banning Rashad McCants I ruined his NBA career. Need more proof? Look no further.

The first Plat poll in a while, at the request of (some) of the Flow Trash makers.


Anonymous said...

can you also ban j. flynn! he is terrible.

bmeyer said...

did they toss leo under the bus with that f/s ollie? shit that kickflip was tits!

bmeyer said...

shit, i mean b/s ollie.

Andrewpaulsen said...

hella pop!!!

HuckleberryHart said...

That kickflip killed my pet goldfish.

Chris said...

Pizzy is loving that quote.