December 1, 2010


Chad Benson turns 35 today, happy birthday Show. As evidenced by the 11 years of video above, dude has been doing it, and doing it well for a long ass time now. Here's to a video part at 40.

Also on this day, nine years ago, Shitheads Vol. 8 was unleashed upon the world. Oh, the summer of 2001. There's still a chance to do a tenth anniversary Shitheads...

Happy Hanukkah--starts at 4:32 this afternoon.

Edit: Also just learned that it's Latrell Sprewell Coach Choking Day! If DeMarcus Cousins wants to lose his shit with some resonance, today is the day!


Nick said...

I can't think of anyone who's had more footage from downtown MPLS and St. Paul than B-Show. Almost every spot that was hot at one point or another is reflected in his parts (except for the handrail warrior spots). Ya gotta give respect to a 35 year old dude (with two kids!) who still skates like he's 16 and loves every second he's on the board. Happy belated birthday, B-Show. And keep on doing what you're doing. I would bet money he could have a killer part at 40 years old.

Anonymous said...

One of the raddest dudes ever and if you dont like him its cause you dont know him.