November 30, 2010

Dirty Dancing II

Jerboi Juri Loginov is headed back to Estonia, and has the esoterically titled "I Was Here," showing up Saturday night at Familia. For those that attended "Juripalooza I," you know to go to part II.

In other Fam related news, Nesser was recently in Havana, Cuba, and has a digi-cam edit to prove it. For a dude that's been to a bombed-out Beirut, that still must be pretty nuts; just look at that place.

Cleaning up: I forgot to link to this footage of the recent Plan B demo. Heard the link to here from Chrome Ball was taken down because it wasn't working. Still here Chops! Swear. I've watched the Red and Yellow clip below like ten times. Somehow they made that whole damn thing work. But it dawned on me; how can the video possibly live up to that trailer? I hope it does.

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chops said...

whoops. sorry about that man.

honestly not sure how that actually happened. corrected though.

keep up the good work.