December 30, 2010

...And you see me...

Haulin Ass to Hall & Oates from Ian Shulman on Vimeo.

Gotta give this entire post up to the Snackman; I watched this some two years ago or so, but he, and KOOL 108, brought it right back into focus (Mr. Satchek (sic?) posted it, I heard Hall and Oates on the radio on the way home from the bar).

Also: Even in a loss, the Twolves game tonight, which I attended, was awesome. I hate sports fans that only want to decry the bullshit but not praise the praiseworthy; plenty of good tonight, capped and closed (kinda) by Mike Beasley sauntering down the court to end the third quarter, and popping, flat-footedly, a three pointer through the chute to make it an up-by-one-game. Sure we lost; the once banned and then reinstated Chauncey Billups did a damn good job of making sure of it, but you can't fade potential.

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