December 22, 2010

4th Coast*

For the few of you who weren't at the Flow Trash premiere, you missed the promising promo for North Coast. I wonder what it is about dudes with initial first names that crush it going up the Undercover 5? Love the name of the video as well.

Pilot Light of BTO provides a good read on the Chardonnay sipping "villain" of Slap's OIAM, Forrest Edwards. I was skeptical at first, but count me in as mildly obsessed with this strange spectacle.

*Some rap dude called Minnesota "4th Coast" in some song. Anybody remember?

I'm laughing and cringing (hard) at the same time. Double inward heel attempt? Hat tip to Rob Brink via Twitter.

On the skate Twitter subject, Jim Thiebaud wins the day.

Dipping just once more into politics--it is the end of the year--I think that after this past week this Onion story is even more on point.

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both gingers.