February 17, 2010

Girl Back That Thing Up So I Can Wax It Babe

-My girlfriend's car got stolen over the weekend. Aside from being just another unfortunate chapter in her life involving cars (I mean, she's been car-jacked before...), she handled it like a champ. As it happens, the car turned up Tuesday, the SPPD towed it to the impound lot, and as far as we could tell, upon inspection, nobody had shit or pissed in the car, or really touched anything else, aside from messing up the ignition and doing the totally passe act of stealing the radio. Aside from the indignity of having to pay to get her stolen car back, we've pretty much got a happy ending here. The weirdest thing is that the radio wasn't the only thing taken, as far as we can tell. I'd left a black beanie in the car, and I'm pretty sure the people that jacked the car took the radio and my hat.

-Jerboi Sam McGuire has a tour article in issue #73 of The Skateboard Mag. Always good times. Peep game. There's plenty of Minne photos in there as well from that one Nike tour too.

-The Timberwolves have traded for Darko Milicic. In the grand cosmic scheme of things this is appropriate.

-After a hard fought night at the skatepark, I'm really lamenting the advent of the bullshit "I'm not trying AT ALL 360 flip," displayed by far too many kids. Jackal blames Janoski but I just blame poor imitation. Kalis came to mind as a guy who knows that that trick should be done with a little bit of power, and upon returning home, I came upon this video about him living in Grand Rapids. Its a cool watch, and of course, at least one proper ass 360 flip is on display.

-The non-remix version of Kell's "Ignition" is growing on me.


Chips X said...

Was the Creedence tape still in the car?

THE HESH said...

tre flips suck it's all about frontside slasherrrs and slayer brrrrooooo

JOE! said...

Sorry about your girls car. Good to hear everythings ok.
360 flips are a little too civilized for me!