February 16, 2010


Get to Familia around seven or so to meet some dudes who will hopefully induce you to buy some shoes.

Aside from that, remember to buy condoms that actually fit you because I guess that's a problem nowadays, and with that in mind, be wary of product placement influences.

Sid Melvin skates the Thrasher park, and while that isn't all that notable on it's own, the frontside Losi grind down that hubba is. Plus I like that dude.

Call me a Kobe Bryant fan and read this CQ profile. I'd call the guy an insane genius for sure, and I also take issue with the statement within the profile saying that he recorded a rap album though never released it; what's this then? With that, I would also like to point out that I've personally held the album in question, on vinyl no less. Sam, you still have that?

Late Link: The New York Times with a chillingly interesting write-up on the Tea Party Movement.

Later Link: Quartersnacks calls Pappalardo the Starbury of skateboarding a little while ago. If he is going the way of Marbury, I'll need some bat-shit crazy quotes, and maybe a day in the life streaming video thing. For now its just an amusing comparison.


carl said...

I'm pretty sure the royalties from K.O.B.E. are the ONLY reason Bryant can afford the private helicopter.

And for what it's worth (which is not much), Shaq was/is(?) the lesser rapper.

Anonymous said...

We called those Bag Lady grinds.

Dan Jackson said...

A. RE: Pappalardo--wait til Chocolate vid comes out.

B. Pretty cold move to link to a page with a giant photo of fresh-out-of-the-oven Crazy Bread knowing most readers are stuck in a building, miles away from a Little Ceasars and several hours away from lunch break. Come on!