February 11, 2010


The St. Cloud City Council just approved the location of a skate plaza. Read the comments on that article, get bummed out. More info on the skate plaza at St. Cloud Skate Plaza.

Having recently called myself a reformed liberal bomb thrower, I stumbled across an article that tries to explain why I was always so condescending.

Is Thadolo working on a new video part with a spring release target date? That'd be tight.

McGuire's latest endeavor? Brewing beer.

Is it just me, or is Hype Skateboards just a rehash of Popwar?


Benjamin Ragsdale said...

gerard alexander is a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute...

nonetheless, or perhaps because of that, he's right about the liberal pundits...and the rupublican pundits...and every other brain-dead motherfucking pundit on cable tv.

but it in the end, its the fault of the people who listen to this bullshit.

platinumseagulls said...

Interesting point I didn't mention, is that the Washington Post sought someone out to write that exact piece.

Benjamin Ragsdale said...

yeah the wash post (and ny times) solicit writers to get the "right" view...

the problem isnt this guy's political philosophy or that he's necessarily wrong. liberal intellectuals and politicians are uppity, condecending (im a shitty spelllller), and often pointedly cruel.

but are those traits unique to liberals? conservative intellectuals and politicians routinely engage in the same kind of behavior. if conservatives are unfairly branded paranoid homophobic christian fundamentalists who worship the free-market, so too are liberals accused of anti-christian sorcery, channeling the ghosts of mao and marx to shape social policy.

the "right" and the "left" try to throw bombs at each other over our heads, but neither has the intellectual strength to reach the other side, so we're the ones who get fucked.

this article is just another volley or salvo. think of how rediculous this statement is:

" But American liberals, to a degree far surpassing conservatives, appear committed to the proposition that their views are correct, self-evident, and based on fact and reason, while conservative positions are not just wrong but illegitimate, ideological and unworthy of serious consideration."

sorry for the space takeover. ill simmer down now.

Scott said...

To potentially nerd out and retread on old posts, I do have one other potential theory on how the comedy central ads ended up on thrasher.

If you run a large website that gets guaranteed unique hits daily you'll probably sign a contract with an ad seller. Basically its just a company that serves the advertisements to the respective webpages. So its definitely possible thrasher just has some sort of contract to get served advertisements and that is one that just got pushed down to them. Its very likely that they're not literally approving every advertisement on that site but rather have just some sort of blanket contract.

On the other hand most of the ads appear to be specifically related to specific skateboard companies so I'm not really in a position to say one way or another.

Finally, never read newspaper comments sections, never read youtube comments, never read any user comments....don't even read these comments

Anonymous said...

Or is Popwar a rehash of Populis?

badger said...



lane Kloskowski said...

woopwoop skate plaza!