January 11, 2010

Turn To Stone

No doubt, if the download time directly from Nike is any indicator, the above video will take a hella long time to play. No worry, the delay is worth the wait; Grant Taylor delivers the expected concrete goods, Shane O'Neill holds his own as (in our humble opinion) a slightly discounted Dtorg.org, and there are always those rumored Basilica moves, which are confirmed, while others struggle not to be a decade late on their switch tres. They fail.

We're a buck short and more than a day late on the latest Flow Trash Throwaway Montage, but I'm cool with that. ELO is so good.

Yeah, winter has taken its toll: sure would be fun to fuck around on a parking block. Maybe we should go to Cream City.

Little Mac and Co., via UPNORTHTRIPS.


THE HESH said...

Cream city trip ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Have people seen the monster 10-year video comp at mightyroll.com?

Unknown said...

Dudes, you got to come on down once this winter. Don't blow it..

joecrust said...

saviours rule

platinumseagulls said...

You mean Saviers rule? Its way less confusing that way.

Unknown said...

everybody beside grant taylor was kinda boring