January 12, 2010

Divine Hammer

Got a killer tour of McGuire and Davis' new crib via video I-chat. Highlights included Davis' bumper in their living room, the fact that their apartment doesn't have a refrigerator, the jizz stained chair that Sam bought for $30 off a prominent artist/blogger, and the mattress leaned against the wall which, to quote Sam, "guests like to lean against."

Has Thadolo, quoted as saying that he'd like to, "get in touch with [his] paleo-self," taken up the caveman lifestyle, which has recently taken NYC by storm? While Thadolo declined comment, his friend and rival blogger, Neal Erickson did comment that Thadolo "has been playing catch the rock in between games of O.U.T. at Tompkins." Caveman link via Scott.

The Calsurf blog has a 2009 year in review in photos; I'm just two weeks late in posting something about it. Enjoy.

Van Halen strikes back: I stumbled upon our Winnipeg '06 video today and uploaded it here to the Youtube, but lo and behold, the use of "Eruption" by VH meant no audio track. Worst part of it all? You don't get to hear A-plus' wheel screech on that early grab 360. For shame! Whatevz, watch a quicktime of it with audio here.

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Scott said...

Upon further reflection, I am already calling the alleged caveman trend the worst thing that 2010 will give us.