January 20, 2010

Tiger Balm for the Soul

Via The Dead Ones

Not much happening right now. If you want to see Bratrud's latest latest foray into picture blogging, then "Dead to the World" is your spot. The photo above is I-phone art. Also speaking of Todd, this post on Werdlife will make you wonder about the Santa Cruz Police Department as well as S.C.'s ER.

Also, to quote Mr. Sam McGuire, secretly live from Mazatlan, Mexico, at 4:00 AM CST today:

From: sam----------@gmail.com
Subject: i'm drunk
Date: January 20, 2010 3:57:01 AM CST
To: mike-----------@gmail.com

Message: just so you know

Word has he and Nesser and Co. drove down from So-Cal to Maz, and yesterday, they ate at one of my favorite restaurants and then went swimming and then went skating. I bet they drank beers after that too.

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typoscura said...

we're blowing it mike. We should be there too.