January 22, 2010

Don't Front or Mononymity or Goodbye JWoww

You know what you're doing Sunday even if you think otherwise; of course, His Purpleness will be watching down from on high. Thanks to jerboi -kw for the video link.

As for skateboarding, The Berrics and DC say "what up?" (Matt Miller!!!), and then Dyrdek used his time machine to go back in time to get some graphics done by Andy Warhol. It finally worked!

Wondering what hip hop entrepreneur and sandwich aficionado Andrew Hunkle has been up to? Catch up with this interview from The Johnny Reds Reports, brought to you by Vegas transplant Mr. Adam Longfield.

While I may have only watched 45 minutes or so of Jersey Shore, that 3/4s of an hour of my life was amazing, confusing, delighting, frustrating, and above all, awe inspiring. Here, Slate ponders how MTV can follow JS up, and boy am I glad that it seems like Snookie finally caught a break. [In an exciting turn, as Damian was our resident Guido (albeit a somewhat unconvincing one), he could also be our resident Masshole. We'll see how this develops.]

I just finished my first week back at the U of M and have a strange urge to only wear Ugg Boots and sweatpants all weekend. I know that's weird, so I won't even ask.

Happy weekend ya'll.

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THE HESH said...

better toss a northface fleece in the mix munz.