January 6, 2010

Christmas in Riyadh

Having taken the tweeting world by storm and putting out one of the most (self)celebrated video parts of 2009, Ryan Hansen starts the Oh-10 by unleashing DECADE OF THADOLO.

Word has it that out of growing paranoia due to Thadolo's growing clout, Gilbert Arenas started packing heat and now has been suspended from the NBA.


In another developing story, it appears that McGuire has taken to shooting skate photos in rollerskates. Check the Pretty Blog for more.

The Hesh comes through with a Summit Skatepark review. Good looks Fink.

ZED has an art show at Familia this Saturday.

How things will probably shake out if your Siamese twin commits murder.

Happy New Years.


PhilmerPhil said...

Speaking of decades, although a week late, a decade in Twin Cities skateboarding in review would be a really good read--but probably difficult to write. Anyways, just an idea...

Unknown said...

do it munzy!

Benjamin Ragsdale said...

That really sort of kind of looks like Yemen, actually.

platinumseagulls said...

The Google image search for "Christmas in Riyadh" came up with the image, and evidently that's actually what its supposed to be, an x-mas bonfire at a supposedly low-key celebration outside Riyadh.