December 21, 2009

The Rememberance Of Things Past In 2009


The year in review in light of shit I did, in attempted chronological order:

-Went sledding.

-Flattened coins on train tracks.

-Found out that drinking on Solsbury Hill was up there with sex, Jesus and The Beatles.

-Found out that rolling down Solsbury Hill while drinking and then becoming drunk was amazing.

-Found out that I'd lost my I-phone on Solsbury Hill.

-I'm pretty sure I dislocated my right ankle doing a heelflip on flat; if that wasn't the prognosis, I messed up my ankle unlike I had ever done before. This was the third time I'd rolled an ankle this year, it was mid-May. The injury persisted for the better part of two and a half months.

-I went to St. Louis and chilled with Nelly, and I cliff jumped in Iowa City, and I skated the barn ramps in Mt. Pleasant, IA.

-Familia gave me a "Trueheads" board and I'm still honored; on my deathbed, I'll say, "Hey, at least I had a 'pro-model,'" and then I'll expire, leaving everyone in the room utterly confused.

-Had my I-phone returned to me five weeks later by a man who I lovingly will call one of those "Old Northeast Liberals."

-Unable to skateboard, I biked a ton, tried to go swimming at least half a ton, and farmed a great tan.

-My ankle stopped feeling jacked and I tried to skateboard some more.

-I'm still scared of flat-ground heelflips.

-Met a girl. She's really great.

-For the first time in six years I skated in shoes other than Lakias; the recession hit me in the form of disappearing rep budgets. Around the same time the lackluster economy really hit me in the form of non-existent assignments for TSM; as the economy rebounds so do page numbers.

-Didn't film enough for Filler.

-Got setup to resume school at the U of M after nine and a half years; said "Good riddance" to MCTC, even though it was mostly fun while it lasted.

-Turned 28 (yet to occur; three more days).

This blog took a decidedly un-personal turn this year and I'm actually quite fine with that, but what with the goading of some friends, I decided to throw a little something up here. Normal programming will resume most likely after the New Year, I'm off to the West Coast!


** said...

heh-"P-Dawg." nice...

Cody Girl said...

Number one's the best!!!!! ^^