November 20, 2009

Heavenly Host

The top photo is via Times Is Weird and the bottom photo come off the hard drive of random shit. B. Heck in the flesh, circa 2009, and 2001.

Brought up in the previous post, and now stirring shit up all over the internet, The Berrics Unified is just advertising, via Haveboard. More opinion at You Will Soon. Cynicism remains.

The last time I saw Dinosaur Jr. was in Tampa in '06 or '07 and the gin and tonics made me sucker punch Sherman in the van after the show. I just saw them again on Wednesday, the show ripped, and to commemorate punching Ian, here's some Sherman throwaways that are more than worth your viewing time. Friends 'til infinity, right? Via The Hesh

Also stolen from The Hesh, it looks like local perv Wayne Cummings has been sentenced to ten years in prison for doing what we always thought he was doing but couldn't quite prove. Good riddance.

Finally, jerboi (and dude on my fantasy basketball team) Peja crushed it last night like it was Arco in '03, but alas, I didn't have his ass in my line-up. Just saying all that so I can link to that suspect ass photo.

Happy Weekend.


Badger said...

Ok, so I am a little too close with the berrics these days to give a 100% unbiased opinion, but I think there are some questions to consider.

1. What is, currently, the number one destination for skateboarders on the internet?

2. Has advertising ever been free?

3. How do you know that berrics unified has not already increased sales for those shops (which would cover the cost)?

4. How would you pay for the man power that goes into developing and administering a skate shop directory (That adds shops by the hour)?

5. Do you really think the Berrics makes millions of dollars and operates for "FREE"?

sherman said...

hell let everyone get theirs.. just be friendly on the way....