August 5, 2009

No Luv For Blogs

After skunking poor Davis, on his birthday of all days, I've posted the above photo of him looking decidedly tight, and its also an excuse to then link to the Etnies blog post full of McGuire flicks from that big contest put on by the guys who own the formerly banned from Plat Sacramento Kings. I'm also happy to announce that, what with McGuire's intuitable chumminess with the venerable Sheck-Dawg, that I am now only separated by one degree, of, yeah, separation.

Been putting off cleaning up the desktop on the whip for a bit now. Just before doing this here post, I found the jpeg called "surfnazis" and immediately asked (to myself, but out loud), "What the fuck is surfnazis?" And there it is, answers. I vaguely remember finding that.

Two must peep items from Hardflip today, exhibit A, Tha Dolo's sponsor me tape from '93. Is this the same tape that was reportedly focused after being viewed by a number of party goers? Is that footage still missing? What's the story there anyways? Exhibit B, if P-Rod switch tre flips the Santa Monica triple set, does it make a sound? I'm not sure, and I avowedly never check the Slap boards, so maybe the internet skateletariat is buzzing about it...I just liked Badger's post about it.

Also also, not only is The Hesh now tweeting, undoubtedly about sex, booze and drugs (actually, is sex included in that equation?), but they've also had a fresh video about this past weekend's Red Bull contest up for a bit; peep here.

A series on the end of America via Slate. Its heady shit, but worth the read.

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