August 10, 2009

Cosmic Clothesline

If one is to believe in some sort of abiding cosmic order, further proof exists in the hiring of Kurt Rambis as the Twolves head coach. As ruminated upon in the previous Truehoop link as well as on this humble blog, it seems that the universe is once again aligned.

What happened guys?

Nieratko discusses, uh, sort of, uh, skateboarding's current sexual orientation. Or something. I agree, I like him calling the right people out and all that, but its the X-games already. What's to be expected? After reading that, for whatever reason, I'm compelled to re-post the You Wanna Date A Skater? story. Ugh, and enjoy.

Tha Dolo discussed top ten video parts; peep game and submit.

Hey Sam, you should launch your new site.

PS: Gang of Fourstar Trailer, that sure looks rad. Where's Davis?

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