August 7, 2009

Dreams In Technicolor Summer; Futurists Take Heed

Mikey Taylor, consummate pro, host, small forward, serves the soundtrack du jour and then some. The slept on part of Mind Field and dude hasn't reached his peak. Shall I say "pause," or just say fuck it, and go "full homo?"

That's Meyer's video of the Red Bull Bailout. Preach. I have photos that will emerge either here or here. I've just gotta get back to reality, wherever that is.

Red Wave Redux: The Blood Tide is tomorrow coming up at the Red Stag Block Party. Red Stags and Red Waves and a cool buzz, and, you know, I'm good.

Let's Dance is this tomorrow though!

Happy Weekend.

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Cody Girl said...

I miss you guys so much!! :(