June 25, 2009

JT Blastoff (As Oppossed to Hail to the Chief)

To state the blatantly obvious, Jamie Thomas is dumb good at skateboarding. For those of mid-nineties pedigree, Welcome To Hell solidified his place in the pantheon of brutal gnarlers, ushered in a phase of the "Jamie Thomas style video," setting the stage for the bigger, higher, gnarlier era of skateboarding. It could easily be said that JT is one of the most influential skateboarders of the last, oh, 15 years or so.

However, and I feel like I'm not alone in this, it almost seems like Thomas peaked in that last Toy Machine part of his. Granted, I'm not calling the dude a slouch; in no way whatsoever. On the contrary, I almost feel like he tried too hard over the following years; the one shining example of him not trying that hard and infusing a little bit more fun into his skateboarding, is his amazing Chomp On This Part (as time goes on, that video only gets better). Well, after viewing his Ten Tricks section, I'm a little bit more optimistic about future Jamie Thomas parts. The dude has always had a rad style that seems slightly overlooked, and in his older (knees?) age, he's seeming to think that a little simplicity/creativity goes a little further. Or I"m full of shit.


thekettleblackest said...

I have always been a huge fan of the Cheif, but I, too, was beginning to think his star was fading.
However, his part in the Fallen video and it's subsequent re-edit have reinvigorated my stoke for his skating (http://www.fallenfootwear.com/ridethesky/index.html)
His Ten Tricks is bangin'. I can't wait to see him in BATB 2

Anonymous said...

permission to rip sir!?!

Anonymous said...

His part in 'ride the sky', well, he deserved am of the year for that one. Incredible.